Testimonials and Thank Yous we have received over the years

  • My therapist is gifted and a treasure in what she does, she has been the reason I can get up in the morning and handle my responsibilities.
  • Thank you for everything that you have done. Your passion, level of commitment, and understanding has made such a difference in my life.
  • With your help I now understand that anxiety is normal when changes and difficulties arise, and it does not last forever.
  • …The therapist I worked with has a gift. I cannot thank her enough for sharing it with me.
  • Thank you for your care and concern you showed to our family. None of us could have come through this fearful situation without your caring influence.
  • …. Thank you for believing in me and for teaching me to trust and believe in myself.
  • My youngest son has made a complete turn around from when he first began his sessions. He has turned out to be a loving, caring, fun young man to be around. He is doing great in school and actually enjoys life now. I truly am very proud of his accomplishments and love spending time with him. Soon he’ll be off to college and then I don’t know what I’ll do!
  • I cannot believe how far I have come and had no idea of the potential that existed inside of me.  Each session, I grew stronger, more confident and overall a better person.  No doubt there will be up and downs in life but the fact that you help me deal with each day as it comes is priceless.  I never went into a session worried because I knew that you would help me deal to the best of my ability with anything, even things that can’t be necessarily fixed with words.  You always knew how to deal with me, never comparing me to anyone else, always knowing that each person has their own potential and you just helped me realize my potential. You have a gift and I hope that you can help other people as much as you have helped me.

Therapy has helped me process the loss of my father, followed by the end of my marriage. Counseling has provided me with the tools to help me overcome my sense of grief, loss and isolation.  The therapy has enabled me to believe that there will be a new chapter in this journey.